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Agriculture Meter Grain Moisture Meter - Wile 55 1 grain_moisture_meter__wile_55

Grain Moisture Meter - Wile 55

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Agriculture Meter
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Agriculture Meter Benchtop Nutrient Analysis Photometer  Hanna Hi83325
Benchtop Nutrient Analysis Photometer – Hanna Hi83325
Hi83325 is a compact, multiparameter photometer for use in the environmental lab or in the field. The meter is one of the most advanced photometers available with a innovative optical design that utilizes a reference detector and focusing lens to eliminate errors from changes in the light source and from imperfections in the glass cuvette. This meter has 9 different programmed methods measuring 8 key plant nutrient water quality parameters and also offers an absorbance measurement mode for performance verification and for users that would like to develop their own concentration versus absorbance curves. Plant nutrient-specific parameters include potassium, calcium, and magnesium
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Agriculture Meter GroLine Hydroponic Waterproof Pocket pHECTDSTemp Tester  Hanna Hi98131
GroLine Hydroponic Waterproof Pocket pH/EC/TDS/Temp Tester – Hanna Hi98131
The Hi98131 GroLine pH and tds water tester features a large multi level LCD which displays both pH, EC or TDS and temperature readings simultaneously. The Hi98131 also offers the option to use a 0.7 (700 ppm) EC to TDS conversion factor. An exposed temperature sensor allows for rapid temperature compensated measurements of EC and TDS. The LCD screen has indicators for calibration status and stability. The battery percent level is displayed at start up alerting the user to the remaining battery power that is available. The Hi98131 is a versatile pocket meter designed for hydroponics, greenhouse and agriculture applications.
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Agriculture Meter GroLine Monitor for Hydroponic Nutrients  Hanna Hi98142001
GroLine Monitor for Hydroponic Nutrients – Hanna Hi981420-01
The HI981420 GroLine Monitor for Hydroponic Nutrients provides around-the-clock, continuous monitoring of pH, conductivity (EC & TDS), and temperature in hydroponic nutrient solutions. Quick to setup, simple to use, this monitor was designed with Hydroponics, Aquaponics, and Greenhouses in mind. Make your nutrient solution easy to manage with the GroLine Monitor. Advanced algorithms and greater pH and TDS/ppm accuracy ensure operational consistency and a finer understanding of your plant’s nutritional needs. Our GroLine Monitor is made by growers and scientists alike who are committed to helping you take your growing operation to the next level.
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